About Wildeor

I first stumbled across the notion of Wildeor in 2009 while reading James Campbells “The Final Frontiersman.” In it, Campbell references the Roderick Nash book “Wilderness And The American Mind” where Nash defines Wildeor thusly: “The word has derived from the notion of wildness or that which is not uncontrollable by humans. The word’s etymology is from the Old English wildeornes, which derives from wildeor wild beast (from wild + deor beast, deer).”

Wildeor also appears in the epic poem Beowulf in reference to “savage and fantastic beasts inhabiting a dismal region of forests, crags and cliffs.” Far out, right?

For years I’ve held onto this idea of Wildeor, the exploration of wild places, the dreams of fantastic beasts, and I’ve used to bring my pals together under it’s umbrella. Sort of like a live action version of Where The Wild Things Are.

Welcome, please join us.

For now, enjoy our stories. Share our victories, discoveries, failures and our bitchin vans, man. And we’ll have t-shirts at the merch table.